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The tech to sustain – JLL and Carbon Pathfinder This article is sponsored by:

A number of technology vendors have already or will soon release new ESG tools. These mostly help with the reporting of key ESG data elements. Property firm JLL has just released a new tool, Carbon Pathfinder, that works very differently. It looks at several potential de-carbonization activities for one or more properties and assesses which ones will deliver the best economic returns.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Oracle and Red Hat tussle, gamification creepifies, and AI regulatory pressures mount This article is sponsored by:

This week - as regulatory pressures mount, CIOs and CTOs are in the generative AI hot seat of opportunity. "Creepy gamification" gets skewered, as does crypto-blockchain. Oracle and Red Hat tussle over open source, and I'm in the whiffs section.


RPA is too narrow for today's enterprise - co-CEO Rob Enslin explains how UiPath moved from RPA to an automation platform This article is sponsored by:

RPA is too narrow and brittle for today's enterprise - agreed. But how does an RPA vendor respond? A year into his role as co-CEO, I conducted a deeper interview with the future sole CEO of UiPath Rob Enslin on UiPath's transformation, its market goals, and where AI takes automation from here.

Rob Enslin of UiPath

What I’d say to me back then – Zendesk SVP Global Marketing, Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, on hiring a team to win the ‘Champions League’ of technology
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It’s not about choosing the first man that puts his hand up, but seeking out the quiet women.

Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
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