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AI for video editing - a viable use case for your B2B content strategy? This article is sponsored by:

AI for video editing is an intriguing use case for B2B content creators - but does it hold up? Will it displace video editors? After my video event with Brent Leary on the highs and lows of B2B video, I found out. Here's my review of OpusClip, Wisecut, and Pictory.ai - the three best services I tried.

Brent Leary video set

Don't sell-and-forget! OEMs must service products sold through an indirect sales channel This article is sponsored by: ServiceMax logo © ServiceMax

Once a manufacturing product is sold through an indirect sales channel, it can be the end of the line for service revenue and customer relationships. Coen Jeukens of ServiceMax argues that it's time to establish a digital thread.

Infinite metallic loop digital thread concept © PIRO4D - Canva.com
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