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IFS CEO Darren Roos on why enterprise software must change - "Vendors aren't focused on business outcomes" This article is sponsored by:

When Darren Roos joined IFS as CEO in 2018, he made some bold statements - so where do we stand now? Time for a gut check. We also hashed out the meaning of the IFS "Moment of Service" - and why I think IFS' digital value engineering pursuit is underrated.

IFS CEO Darren Roos

UK sets out new approach to regulating AI that will replace ‘patchwork of legal regimes’ This article is sponsored by:

The UK is often cited as being placed third in the world for AI research and development. But with the speed at which AI tools are developing, it’s a delicate balancing act between fostering innovation and protecting society.

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The world of motorsport and telematics - racing thoroughbreds and essential workhorses are all fueled by data This article is sponsored by: Samsara partner logo © Samsara

Logistics may not use high-octane F1 cars, but the world of fleet management is fueled by the same thing - technology, and lots of data. Max Eversfield of Samsara draws on some interesting comparisons for businesses who are keen to stay in the fast lane.

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"So what else can I automate?" Sage Intacct's Dan Miller on how finance leaders are responding to market changes This article is sponsored by:

Finance leaders at SMBs are facing strong headwinds, but savvy teams are claiming opportunities as well. Sage Intacct's Dan Miller shares what their customers are facing, including the impact of Silicon Valley Bank. No surprise: automation and AI play a key role.

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