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Yes, you can IPO in a volatile economy - here's how This article is sponsored by: Sage Logo

Initial public offerings (IPOs) can seem to be a daunting challenge in today's economy. But even now, it's possible to brave the turbulent market conditions - if you start with the right foundations. David Appel of Sage Intacct sets out the practical steps.

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British Government complacent about growth opportunity of creative industries and is ignoring digital impact This article is sponsored by:

Global exports of creative services exceeded $1 trillion in 2020. And yet the British Government seems worryingly quiet about fostering creative sectors in the UK. Not only this, but it seems ignorant to the changes occurring at the intersection of creative fields and digital technologies…

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Trim the long tail This article is sponsored by: salesforce-sidebar

Peter Coffee of Salesforce explains why number-crunching needs to look beyond budget snipping and explore simplifying the vast array of applications enterprises use.

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Enterprise hits and misses - retailers face the 2023 omni-challenge, ChatGPT owns the hype cycle, and the autonomous enterprise gets new buzzwords This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers ace the holiday exam, but tougher omni-tests are coming in 2023. ChatGPT hype has reached fever pitch - context is needed. And: FAA's fail keeps the IT failures and legacy tech conversation on the front burner.

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