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Enterprise hits and misses - HR gets strategic, Amazon kicks return-to-office down the road, and hybrid events gain steam This article is sponsored by:

This week - More curveballs for the future of work, as office policies change and leaders get challenged. Can HR leaders get more strategic? Can event planners get hybrid events right? Cybersecurity issues also linger. Your whiffs include the usual snark - but with a surprise ending.

King Checkmate

How Mozaic faced COVID and ransomware disruptions with cloud ERP - an Acumatica use case This article is sponsored by:

COVID scuttled the plans of many companies. But for Mozaic, a ransomware attack added another unwelcome twist. How did this non-profit make it through, and wind up with the Impact Customer award at this year's Acumatica Summit? It's a story worth telling.

Allen Connely, CEO of Mozaic
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