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Experience4U - Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling on cloud adoption, and the non-negotiable principles of vertical ERP This article is sponsored by: X4U_Signature_Vertical_RGB.png

Unit4's analyst day in Boston provoked debate on X4U news. We also delved into Unit4's ERPx and cloud adoption numbers. Unit4 CEO Mike Ettling gave me his motivations for acquiring Compright, and how it fits into Unit4's vertical plans.

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How ABA Advisors built an end-to-end system for business growth - a Zoho One story This article is sponsored by:

What happens when a COO joins a fast-growing company, but finds a labyrinth of legacy systems? Robert Craig of ABA Advisors did something different. He didn't just buy new apps - he built an end-to-end operating system, with Zoho One. Here's how he did it.

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