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"This Co-pilot is not GPT!" - How Aisera plans to disrupt enterprise AI with industry LLMs, and a new breed of gen AI bots This article is sponsored by:

I've made the argument that enterprise AI can achieve more accurate (and responsible) results. But will it be an insider's game of big tech incumbents? Aisera says no - and they've built the domain-specific LLMs to back up their ambitions.

The Aisera team

Asking some tough questions for new software selections in a generative AI era This article is sponsored by:

Don’t buy your next ERP, CRM, HRMS, etc. solution quite so fast. You might want to seriously investigate what each vendor is doing (or not) vis-à-vis its new AI-fueled applications/solutions. If you’re used to using some old boilerplate as the guts of a software RFP, here are some important additions to that workhorse documentation.

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