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The ‘Great Uncertainty’ is over; here comes the ‘Greater Uncertainty’ - omni-channel retail’s relationship with the post-COVID consumer This article is sponsored by:

The unprecedented impact of COVID on the retail sector may be easing up, but what lies ahead for retailers and their relationships with post-pandemic consumers?


Mitigating unknowns in an age of business uncertainty This article is sponsored by:

A recent column from Salesforce's Peter Coffee and the death of Donald Rumsfeld leads to a rumination on the epistemology of business information and decision inputs and the development of a theory on how to thrive in conditions of extreme uncertainty.


Enterprise hits and misses - storefronts face off with e-commerce, hybrid work policies emerge, and workplace neurodiversity gets a call to action This article is sponsored by:

This week - the retail plot thickens as retailers choose divergent strategies. Collaborative work technology is surging, but are new "hybrid" policies already stale? Your whiffs include my worst workplace nightmare coming true.


Sapphire Now 2021 in review - DSAG leaders air out their views on RISE with SAP, integration progress, and the transformation imperative This article is sponsored by:

Sapphire Now 2021 may have been virtual, but the show raised critical issues for customers (and partners). In this diginomica exclusive, we get the frank reactions of two DSAG board members to what they heard - and how their views changed, or not. Grab a beverage, and let's do this.

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