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Three quick book reviews (or what I want Santa to bring me) This article is sponsored by:

A no-travel pandemic means I have a lot of extra time to read books. Here are his reviews of three that have recently crossed his desk. One looks at AI and Hiring, another at Digital Disrupters, and, the third describes the kind of managers all firms should have.


Data must flow in the digital economy, but the UN and Salesforce have issued separate warnings that there's a problem here... This article is sponsored by:

The global digital economy needs data to flow freely across borders, but at a time of great need, G20 countries are leaning towards ever more restrictive data sovereignty regimes. Something's got to change...

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Enterprise hits and misses - HR execs grapple with the AI tech surge, post-pandemic IT takes shape, and retailers get a gut check This article is sponsored by:

This week - HR leaders grapple with the surge of AI tech. Retailers get a pre-holiday gut check, starting with Bed, Bath & Beyond. A standout enterprise blogging week gives me plenty to sort, from the dangers of silos to the democratization of tech buyers. Neiman Marcus gets a breach - and a whiff.


Monday morning moan - when Apple online delivers nothing but misery (with a bit of help from 'Bryan With A Bike') This article is sponsored by:

For the love of Jobs, what the hell is Apple thinking about when it comes to fulfilling online orders? Not much, it seems. Brace yourself for a tale of CRM gone wrong, e-commerce ineptitude and the mysterious role of Bryan With A Bike.


Can a small or medium size business be an "intelligent enterprise," or is it out of reach? SAP's Business ByDesign team makes its case This article is sponsored by:

We've heard plenty from SAP about the virtues of the "intelligent enterprise." But we haven't heard much about how that translates into SAP's SME products - until now. I got a closer look at how the SAP Business ByDesign team approaches this challenge. Here's my review.

SAP ByD Rainer Zinow
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