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Enterprise hits and misses - COVID-19's digital lessons take hold, Uber gets a gig economy wake-up call, and an enterprise buyer debate takes hold This article is sponsored by:

This week - pulling COVID-19 digital lessons from the education sector - but will they stick? Plus: the enterprise buyer one-throat-to-choke debate heats up again. Uber must give UK drivers "worker" status, and tech companies' "diversity theater" gets called out. In the whiffs section, I backtrack on NFTs.

King Checkmate

Monday Morning Moan - how the UK plans to digitally transform its health service (a.k.a. this time it’ll work, honest, it will!) This article is sponsored by:

Here we go again - let's digitize the NHS! A noble ambition perhaps, but the track record of such efforts in government - and the individuals driving them - leaves a lot to be desired.


Williams Sonoma's digital transformation marathon models a strong design for the Vaccine Economy's new world of retail This article is sponsored by:

Williams Sonoma has put the time, the effort and the money into omni-channel transformation over the years; it paid off in the COVID crisis and sets the retailer up well for the post-pandemic world.

Image of a Williams Sonoma Store

The Zen of workplace data privacy - Zoho's Raju Vegesna on productivity monitoring, privacy as a best-of-breed weakness, and Google's "cookieless" campaign This article is sponsored by:

Software vendors claim workplace data privacy is neutral - wrong. Products influence culture. And is Google's "cookieless" announcement PR hype, or a breakthrough? Time to revisit Zoho's stance on data privacy - via a 1:1 with Raju Vegesna.

Privacy threat at work - laptop with eyes in screen © Juergen Faelchle - shutterstock
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