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Inside Acumatica's generative AI strategy, and why cloud ERP vendors must become data and innovation partners This article is sponsored by:

Acumatica was careful not to turn the Acumatica Summit keynotes into AI propaganda sessions. But off the keynote stage, candid talks with Acumatica's product leads brought context. What do customers expect, and what are the adoption barriers? Let's dig in.

Ali Jani onstage at Acumatica Summit '24

DNEG - the team behind Oppenheimer’s special effects - adopts Red Hat OpenShift to boost productivity of CGI artists This article is sponsored by:

The studio responsible for the digital mastering of many Oscar nominated films - DNEG - now has a consistent global platform to speed up software innovation and improve artist productivity for competitive differentiation

An image of the Oppenheimer movie poster, starring Cilian Murphy

Putting "more wood beyond the most important arrows" - Neil Barua's priorities as he steps up as PTC CEO this month This article is sponsored by:

As the CEO succession reaches its end game, there's a long game plan in place to help industrial manufacturing customers transform in an increasingly complex market.

An image of Neil Barua

ThoughtSpot expands AI offering - but keeps ‘humans in the loop’ and highlights importance of accuracy This article is sponsored by:

ThoughtSpot has long used natural language processing to bring data analytics closer to all users. But with the advancements in Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), it has been able to take its product further.

An image of ThoughtSpot being used to identify data held in different states in the US - with a map shown on the screen

An avalanche of mixed news re: HR – the month that was This article is sponsored by:

The soul of HR was AWOL this month judging by the numerous and harsh insights found in dozens of articles and studies. RTO (Return To Office) was the ignition point behind a lot of this but it turned out that the problems were actually multi-faceted. Empathic leadership was not in attendance and neither was great thinking on the part of these same executives. This piece alone should get some Executive Committee discussion for certain.

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