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"This is our responsibility as an industry!" - Salesforce CMO Sarah Franklin on why the tech sector needs to step up on equality and inclusion This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce CMO Sarah Franklin has risen through the ranks over the past 14 years and is committed to breaking down equality barriers for the next generation.

Sarah Franklin

"People can't be what they can't see!" - Salesforce UKI CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi on leveling up representation This article is sponsored by:

The tech sector needs to broaden its recruitment net as part of its efforts to bridge the skills gap and boost inclusion. Salesforce UKI CEO Bahrololoumi can point to progress being made.

Salesforce UK

Enterprise hits and misses - shoppers hit the grocery stores, AI gets an ROI check, and the metaverse hype machine refuels This article is sponsored by:

This week - shoppers return to grocery stores - are retailers ready for the hybrid consumer? Events season rolls on; Oracle offers tech earnings hope. Transformation turns into lessons learned, and, just in time for the whiffs section - the metaverse gets a $5 trillion hype projection.

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