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Drive value for your organization with e-auctions - learnings from Maersk's Jacob Larsen This article is sponsored by: coupa-logo

Business spend management has seen a transformation, with digitizing and sourcing a natural priority. Coupa's Michael Schanker talks to author Jacob Larsen, Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk, on using e-auctions to increase agility in sourcing.

Jacob Larsen and practical guide to e-auctions for procurement book © Jacob Larsen

What does it take to turn sustainability hype into practical reality? Questions smart buyers need to ask their ERP vendors This article is sponsored by:

Recent ERP announcements re: sustainability are long on potential and short on details. Will vendors deliver what the market needs? Here are the questions smart buyers should ask.

climate change

Why are sales leaders taking over service? This article is sponsored by: ServiceMaxLogo-PrimaryBlueGreen

Sales DNA and the heart of service can seem like polar opposites - but the benefits of combining the two can make all the difference. Coen Jeukens of ServiceMax shares his experiences of making sales and service work in collaboration.

Over shoulder view of sales leader and service management in corporate meeting with data on laptop screen © fizkes - Shutterstock
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