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Meet today’s brazen and more frequently fraudulent jobseekers! Are you ready to deal with them? This article is sponsored by:

More and more jobseekers may be testing your firm. They might be finessing their resume, outright misrepresenting themselves, gaming the recruiting process, etc. and in the process causing your firm to look past some great candidates. Employment fraud isn’t new but the landscape is definitely changing. Is your organization ready?


Does the key to liveable cities in a hotter world lie in geospatial intelligence, powered by Machine Learning? This article is sponsored by:

AWS SageMaker could provide the basis for new urban heat and biodiversity problem solving tools, providing geospatial intelligence for city planners grappling with climate change and warmer cities.

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Can generative AI displace the enterprise UI? An unprompted debate with provocative implications This article is sponsored by:

The biggest enterprise debate of the Spring lurked right beneath the surface. So let's bring it out into the open - can generative AI displace enterprise UIs? If so, then software vendors better buckle up too as conventional licensing and product categories are right in AI's sights.

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