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Enterprise hits and misses - retail grapples with the post-COVID consumer, employers face attrition pressures, and data breaches compete for headlines This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers try to anticipate the post-COVID consumer. Hybrid work surfaces new pressures for HR leaders, including talent attrition. More context on JEDI, ransomware, and IBM's leadership shuffle. Your whiffs include data breaches galore.

King Checkmate

ERP support as a competitive advantage? Yeah, you heard that right. Oracle's Maz Songerwala makes his case This article is sponsored by:

I don't hear ERP support referred to as "service excellence" often. Over the years, ERP vendors have not exactly won over customers with their support experience. But is that changing? Oracle's Maz Songerwala says yes. Here's his ambitious plan - and my take.

Maz Songerwala - Oracle
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