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Enterprise hits and misses - Starbucks makes a comeback, Amazon's Workday project news gets scrutinized, and supply chains get a Chalupa wake-up call This article is sponsored by:

This week - Starbucks makes a big Vaccine Economy comeback, but the reasons deserve debate. Amazon's Workday project news sparks speculation - and lessons learned. Supply chain issues get their Chalupa moment. Your whiffs include cursing parrots.


"Everything I do is based on metrics" - how Call Center Sales Pro uses Zoho Analytics to drive sales and boost productivity This article is sponsored by:

When a Sales Director says, "No data, no decisions," you know there's an analytics story worth telling. After the Zoho Analytics 5.0 launch, Call Center Sales Pro's Marc Fishman told me how analytics changed their organization - and how Zoho factors in.

Marc Fishman
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