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The future of events is hybrid, but how do we get there? Tips and visuals with Paul Richards of HuddleCamHD This article is sponsored by:

With the Omicron variant stealing headlines, spring event planners are in scramble-or-pray mode right now. That's where hybrid events could come in. But how do we pull it off? Here's some tips - and a visual tour - from my video chat with Paul Richards of HuddleCamHD.

Paul Richards - huddlecamHD

What is the role of AI in pandemic response? The National Security Commission on AI provides a framework This article is sponsored by:

In 2020, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence put out a landmark 750 page report on AI. This year, they followed up with a paper on putting AI to work in pandemic circumstances. But is it actionable? Here's my review.

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