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Safety isn’t the only issue for self-driving vehicles - data privacy and algorithmic oversight need attention too This article is sponsored by:

The UK wants to see self-driving vehicles rolled out by 2025, but the Center for Data Ethics and Innovation raises some interesting points about surveillance data and black box algorithms.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Target's profits nosedive, but why? TikTok takes more data heat, and deep learning finds its limitations This article is sponsored by:

This week - Target's profits take a big dip, but why? Deep learning finds its limitations, and cloud sovereignty becomes a C-level issue. TikTok crosses the data privacy line (again), and your whiffs don't stop there.


Productivity 2022 - time to weigh in on the asynchronous work debate. Is Slack asychronous? This article is sponsored by:

Time to debate: can messaging tools support an asynchronous work model? Before we embrace ansynchronous work, we must tackle the thorny issues of KPIs, culture, and work surveillance. Enter my "five patented rules for harmonious asynchronous productivity."

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