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Enterprise hits and misses - Zoom slows, AI surges, return-to-office hits another pandemic snag, and Black Friday underwhelms This article is sponsored by:

This week - Zoom's growth slows, but what does it mean? Black Friday's online sales underwhelm, but for retailers, it's far from over. Return-to-office hits an Omicron variant snag, and another debate. Your whiffs include: the divisive phenomenon of robots reading AI poetry.


Is SAP RISE changing the S/4HANA business case, or not? UKISUG goes behind the numbers of their newsmaking RISE with SAP survey This article is sponsored by:

The biggest SAP topic this year is RISE with SAP - sorting the value from the marketing hype. In this diginomica exclusive, Paul Cooper, UKISUG Chair, shares his views on UKISUG's recent RISE with SAP survey, and previews their annual conference.

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