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No, B2B and B2C content strategy are not the same - why the dynamics of attention for B2B content are different This article is sponsored by:

B2B and B2C content strategy aren't the same. If you claim they are, you might just get a rant out of me. Pour your beverage of choice, and check out a different take on the B2B attention game.

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Beyond good intentions - a critical review of Deloitte's report on the ethical dilemmas facing the tech industry This article is sponsored by:

Most AI ethics reports get lost in the vague reassurance of good intentions. Deloitte's recent paper on the five biggest issues in tech industry ethics was different. Here's my critique - after a dialogue with the report's lead author.


2021 - the year in the future of ERP This article is sponsored by:

Is it time to move past ERP? Or can ERP make a case for its own relevance? It's a question for every customer undertaking a business transformation. Use these top picks as a sounding board, and let's continue the debate.

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