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Enterprise hits and misses - Google Cloud and AWS hit macro-economic speedbumps, AI gets use cases, and layoffs get questioned This article is sponsored by:

This week - Google Cloud and AWS are the latest to face the economic headwinds - what can we learn? Tech layoffs are everywhere - but are they the best response? Your whiffs include: Valentine's Day, via ChatGPT.


Process mining reinvented - why a full end-to-end map of your business is needed This article is sponsored by: Celonis logo © Celonis

Execution management software took a huge step forward recently with the commercial introduction of object-centric process mining. Vaishnavi Sashikanth of Celonis explains how this technology and the company’s new Process Sphere™ provide a fuller, more holistic and more comprehensive view of business operations.

Top view of colorful gears. Corporate work and modern business process concept © 9dream studio - Shutterstock

Does the CIO need to understand technology? CASTing around for an answer to the 'how' of software This article is sponsored by:

Without some way of divining how legacy and cloud-native apps will work together, and more importantly where the problems will lie and how the can be resolved, the idea that 'this will end in tears' is all too real.


Acumatica Summit 2023 - Acumatica stakes its claim to modern ERP. Here's how it defines it This article is sponsored by:

Acumatica Summit 2023 raised a provocative question: what exactly is modern ERP, and does it deliver? Grab your beverage of choice and we'll dig in. I also have some newsy nuggets for you, including Acumatica leadership's clarifications on which verticals are in play, and which aren't.

Acumatica CEO John Case
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