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Enterprise hits and misses - retail transformation meets reality, Wall Street is (still) grouchy about enterprise tech, and AI overreaches This article is sponsored by:

This week - retailers re-imagine, but is better automation enough? Enterprise tech stocks run into a Wall Street tech correction, but is it warranted? AI's overreach remains a major theme of content - and whiffs.


Is employee experience relevant to CX? Can SAP capitalize? An SAP SuccessFactors review with Jill Popelka This article is sponsored by:

Is there a product connection between employee experience and CX? I pick up that debate with SAP SuccessFactors President Jill Popelka - who also gave us a "state of SuccessFactors" update. Yes, my take on SuccessFactors has changed.

Jill Popelka SAP SuccessFactors screengrab from Teams call 2021-06
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