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Qualtrics CEO explains why AI should be used to elevate the human experience between organizations and consumers This article is sponsored by:

Zig Serafin, CEO of Qualtrics, explains to diginomica that the proliferation of AI means that consumers will pay a premium for human-like experiences with organizations. But we need AI to build a ‘memory’ of our consumers to facilitate how we engage with them.


Will 2024 be the year of Shadow AI? This article is sponsored by: Oracle logo

One in four Americans are using generative AI at work, and many are in violation of company data security policies. Oracle's Miranda Nash examines the ways organizations can prevent negative outcomes with the right guardrails.

Shadow AI and big data concept © peshkov - Canva.com

What’s the privacy tax on innovation? This article is sponsored by:

With privacy concerns stirring in the US, it's fair to ask if and how much privacy controls slow innovation. A negligible impact on growth after GDPR suggests not much. Meanwhile, weak privacy controls continue to incur large societal costs.

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Women continue to gain ground in tech sector but more needs to be done This article is sponsored by: Confluent logo

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Confluent brought together three of its senior leaders to discuss their experiences as women in tech. Here, they speak candidly about the opportunities that exist, the challenges they still face — and what more needs to be done.

Women working in tech © SDI Productions - Canva.com
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