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When cloud platforms get a going over, Nutanix-style This article is sponsored by:

You can always tell when vendors feel they are heading in the right direction, for they start to hone, refine and extend the product or service that is hitting the user sweet-spot. Nutanix is one of the latest to make its move by adding centralized management that makes moving applications around a hybrid multi-cloud environment a great deal easier, and advantageous.


No, Prime Minister! The UK digital exclusion crisis is getting worse - and no-one in government seems to be in charge! This article is sponsored by:

The UK Government talks a good story around building a digital economy, but the harsh reality is that more and more people are excluded due to lack of skills. A new House of Lords report doesn't pull its punches.


Pride Month - why LGBTQIA+ tech workers still need more than just a poster on the wall once a year This article is sponsored by:

Two out of five LGBTQ tech employees say they have witnessed homophobic discrimination and harassment at work, rising to 50% among some of the large employers. As Pride Month 2023 draws to a close, what can be done to tackle this?


Superior customer mobile experience relies on intelligent behavior analytic solutions - here's why This article is sponsored by: Heap logo © Heap

The mobile mindset - Jack Schneider, Heap Product Manager, explains why businesses need the full perspective of user behavior on different channels and devices to understand and leverage the customer journey.

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