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The 2024 enterprise software un-predictions This article is sponsored by:

Each year, Jon and Brian try to bring you the saltiest tech (un)predictions the world has ever known. And each year, a few of them somehow come true despite themselves. Tech marketers, spike your eggnog - this one doesn't let up until the spiciest buzzwords of 2024 are unveiled.

Zolta via Pixabay

Enterprise hits and misses - enterprise LLMs heat up, holiday shoppers spend (online), and the return to office debate isn't over This article is sponsored by:

This week - enterprise LLMs heat up - and I file my first live gen AI use case. Holiday shopping numbers look good so far - at least from the online lens. Vendors file upbeat earnings, and return to office is declared... dead? And yes, the un-predictions are coming.


Can enterprise LLMs achieve results without hallucinating? How LOOP Insurance is changing customer service with a gen AI bot This article is sponsored by:

If enterprise LLM vendors want to deliver business results, they must earn the trust of customers and employees alike. Can this be done without hallucinations? It's a provocative claim - one that led me to document my first live gen AI story with LOOP Insurance, which utilizes Quiq's AI bot.

Weslee Berke, Head of Customer Care, Loop Insurance by Jon Reed
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