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New legislation sparks private sector investment opportunity in environmental monitoring This article is sponsored by:

New legislation means the state of nature and the environment is something that many companies are going to have to start taking a lot more seriously. Two organizations that are working on services to monitor nature’s health including the UK’s Ordnance Survey and the Netherlands’ Land Life.

Environmental protection, renewable, sustainable energy sources. Plant growing in the bulb concept © Proxima Studio - Shutterstock

Europe keeps sustainability on the corporate agenda, despite the double-edged sword of cloud and gen AI This article is sponsored by:

Has sustainability been sidelined in Europe due to economic and geo-political troubles? Research from Pierre Audoin Consultants would indicate a pretty resounding ‘no’ - although technology can prove a double-edged sword in getting your approach here right.


The data journey for AI - sustainability, as-a-service and supporting data scientists This article is sponsored by: Pure Storage Logo

In the first of this two-part article, Fred Lherault of Pure Storage looked at the six stages involved in finding and processing data as it’s used in AI models and training. Part two looks at how the process creates challenges and how organizations can approach and mitigate against these.

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Jamila Yamani, Salesforce Director of Climate Innovation and Energy Transition - "It matters where we spend our money, what food we choose to eat, how we choose to get around" This article is sponsored by:

Salesforce is looking for ways to shift climate innovation to regions most impacted like Africa and South America.

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