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NRF 2020 - Target's CIO on the tech secrets behind Target's transformation - build features customers love, and abstract your infrastructure This article is sponsored by:

The big theme of NRF 2020? Blurring the lines between digital and store. But to make that happen for customers, you better get the data - and the design - right. Target CIO Mike McNamara shares the tech approach behind Target's growth.


NRF 2020 - retail must take back control of its digital future, says Microsoft's Nadella as IKEA cuts loose from Amazon This article is sponsored by:

"You cannot be cool by association with a tech vendor." Retailers need to build out and skill up their own digital stacks and not depend on third parties, such as a certain online behemoth...

Satya Nadella

NRF 2020 first review - how Office Depot turned mobile adoption into an employee asset This article is sponsored by:

It's time for my annual push through the retail tech hype in search of retail success. One big story: the revenge of the storefront, but with a big caveat. In my first NRF review piece, I break out the early highlights - and an instructive mobile use case from Office Depot.

Office Depot NRF 2020

Enterprise hits and misses - CCPA brings the trust and privacy heat, drones take off, and the Internet of insecure things is here This article is sponsored by:

This week - CCPA heightens the trust and privacy debate, but what's next? CES may celebrate gadgetry, but around here, drones get a harder look. The diginomica crew makes their best of picks, the tech decade gets reviewed, and the whiffs are epic.

King Checkmate
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