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Enterprise hits and misses - Adobe runs into Figma acquisition obstacles, ChatGPT flummoxes regulators, and the data-driven enterprise gets debunked This article is sponsored by:

This week - Adobe's Figma acquisition is far from a done deal. ChatGPT and generative AI provoke policy questions - will we get this right? Plus: the data-driven enterprise falls short, but why? In this week's whiffs, I give unlikely credit to... chatbots?


Enterprise hits and misses - Microsoft changes their spin on ChatGPT for search, while enterprise uses for Metaverse and generative AI get real This article is sponsored by:

This week - Microsoft changes their positioning on ChatGPT for search. No surprises here - but the pursuit of enterprise use cases is worthwhile. Plus: time to revisit the enterprise Metaverse. Your whiffs include cheating on AI ethics exams - and data backups for Valentine's day.

King Checkmate

Enterprise hits and misses - the ESG Economy needs better software, Amazon needs a better grocery strategy, and AI needs better guardrails This article is sponsored by:

This week - ESG vendors need to move beyond reporting - are they? ChatGPT supposedly has ethical guardrails, but does it? AI search heats up, Amazon's grocery play gets an omni-channel reality check, and I come in defense of... blockchain?


Enterprise hits and misses - Davos provokes debates it can't solve, and IT spending gets a consumer tech buzzkill This article is sponsored by:

This week - Davos stoked the fires of essential tech debates - now we have to solve them. Enterprise tech spending forecasts are still up, but downgraded by consumer tech woes (and layoffs). Can next-gen tech overcome practical (budget) barriers? Your whiffs include... pet fish abusing credit cards.

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