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Digital marketing truths – sector by sector

A follow-up data dump from the Economist Intelligence Unit that takes a look at how industry sectors vary in their sophistication of approach when it comes to digital marketing.

The old ones really are the best – TRUE!

Instead of deploying all the trickery of social media outreach to pimp the ‘next big thing’, why not focus more on the brand extension of the current, trusted, big thing?

TIBCO wants you to take notice of big data

TIBCO has been hefting massive amounts of data for many years. In this conversation, Matt Quinn, CTO explains what the company means by ‘big data’ with examples of problems that it can solve. Enjoy.

NikeTown storefront

Clicks and bricks: the future of retail

Instead of wiping out bricks-and-mortar retail, the internet is bringing a new type of shopping experience to town centers and malls. While retailers who don’t adapt are failing, a new breed is finding success.