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The revenge of the business process expert - have process mining tools revived an underrated craft? This article is sponsored by:

Ages ago, I advocated for the business process expert - and got it wrong. But process mining and execution tools like Celonis and SAP Signavio bring back the old debate: we need process experts, not product configurators.


Enterprise hits and misses - customer success needs a debate, but the metaverse doesn't need blockchains This article is sponsored by:

This week - I try to ignite a passionate debate on customer success; will I succeed? Also: services firms face business model implosion. The metaverse is about (virtual) identity, but that doesn't mean it's about blockchain. In the weekly whiffs, I hand out a well-earned hypocrisy award.


Lessons to be learned for Learning & Development to tackle the skills crisis in the age of the Great Resignation This article is sponsored by:

The digital skills gap is a long-running saga, but all the more pertinent today in the changed work world of the Vaccine Economy. New data from The Josh Bersin Company prompts some fresh recommendations for all enterprise organizations.


Nasdaq’s board diversity rule is here - but new research shows underperforming firms more likely to oust board members from diverse backgrounds This article is sponsored by:

Nasdaq is requiring that companies listed on the US stock exchange disclose their ethnic and gender makeup. The move comes as new research shows that when times get tough, diversity priorities go out the window.

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Cry havoc as the macro-economy leads to decision paralysis, but Rimini Street will be ready to pick up the pieces, says CEO Seth Ravin This article is sponsored by:

The global macro-economic crisis is slowing down the decision-making process and triggering replanning all around. But Ravin argues that Rimini Street remains well-positioned.

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