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Enterprise hits and misses - gen AI spending meets ROI pressure, AI readiness is a thing, and AR/VR has a vision problem This article is sponsored by:

This week - gen AI gets the ROI scrutiny, but Accenture notches $2 billion in gen AI sales. Is AI readiness an economic force unto itself? AR/VR gets an upgrade, and I pay tribute to Neil Raden and his outspoken take on AI ethics.


The construction industry has a talent problem - can modern software change that? Sage's Dustin Stephens weighs in This article is sponsored by:

Construction and real estate is not an industry for the risk-averse; skilled labor shortages add to the risk factors. But a different type of construction software has emerged. Modernization isn't easy - but are the payoffs real? Here's my discussion with Sage's Dustin Stephens.

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Qualtrics - the importance of workplace relationships and trust in a new AI-driven world This article is sponsored by:

Understanding universal human needs in an AI era may sound like a paradox but it’s going to be more important than you might think to navigate the disruption ahead. Ben Granger, Chief Workplace Psychologist at the Qualtrics XM Institute, explains why.

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SAP Sapphire 2024 hot topic preview - getting real about RISE, cloud, and innovation with SAP's Jan Gilg This article is sponsored by:

SAP Sapphire is about to kick off - and AI is surely on the keynote menu. But for many SAP ERP customers, the know-how (and business case) for S/4HANA migrations is a huge topic; welcome to the RISE and cloud innovation debate. In this diginomica exclusive, SAP's Jan Gilg shares candid views on SAP's cloud evolution - and where we go from here.

Jan Gilg of SAP
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