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The view from India's services giants - digital transformation appetite is still strong, but there's a new reality taking shape This article is sponsored by:

Organizations are still looking to accelerate their digital transformation benefits, but with the turbulent macro-economic environment, cost take-out is increasingly on the agenda.


Monday Morning Moan - lessons to be learned for government digital services delivery again (and again and again and again and again and...) This article is sponsored by:

Government IT debacle shocker! Sadly, not really, but have we become brutalized into accepting failure as a key component of digital service delivery in government?

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Is reshoring a viable option for U.S. manufacturers? A review of fresh data from SYSPRO This article is sponsored by:

The pandemic's supply chain uncertainty has ignited a reshoring debate in many regions, including the U.S. Here's my review of surprising manufacturing data from SYSPRO. SYSPRO also shared data on work-from-home trends, and their own cloud transition.

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