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Why we will not support IE8 or IE9

diginomica is borked in IE8/9. We've looked at fixes but find them requiring more support than we are prepared to pay. Here's what we suggest.

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Sunday science - love as a service?

Pattern matching is a common method of determining patterns that optimally fulfil a given set of criteria. How about one for dating?  One person has successfully managed it.

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Digital Davos as tech CEOs oust the economists

"It’s usually the Nobel Laureates at the World Economic Forum doing the economic review. We took their spot this year."'s  Marc Benioff makes a valid point as he and his peers debate digital directions at Davos.

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An internet of GE things

My good buddy Vinnie Mirchandani says I spend far too much time worrying about yesterday's technology. He may be right but then I worry a lot about the people and things that pay the bills, move things around, get things made and so on. However, there is a largely unseen world to which we should pay attention.