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Adobe Summit EMEA - with Firefly for enterprise and Express upgrade, Gen AI makes everyone a content creator This article is sponsored by:

At Adobe Summit EMEA today, a major update for the all-in-one Express content creation tool as Adobe builds in an enterprise edition of Firefly to bring generative AI image creation to every user.

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Enterprise hits and misses - generative AI doesn't replace marketers, copywriters get a cost-cutting AI wake-up call, and software pricing must modernize This article is sponsored by:

This week - no, generative AI doesn't replace marketers, but as companies look to dump costs, copywriters are (rightly) concerned. Software pricing needs to change - but how? Your whiffs include AI-washing media shenanigans, and a loving farewell to Microsoft Cortana.


It's a bad time to buy software - here's why! This article is sponsored by:

The software market is changing and advanced technologies like AI/ML/LLMs are triggering a lot of vendor product roadmap, technology, security and other changes. But is this the time to buy application software? Is it okay to buy a module or two? Read on….

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