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Taking the pulse of SAP CX on the verge of SAP Sapphire 2022 - Jen Bailin on bar-raising talent, cloud-native, and the CX metaverse This article is sponsored by:

I've been tracking SAP CX moves across leadership changes. Now, the week before SAP's Sapphire events, it's time for an update and preview. SAP's Jen Bailin joined me to share her views, including her take on the relevance of the metaverse.


UX accessibility must move beyond developers - Karen Hawkins on how to turn digital accessibility into a team practice This article is sponsored by:

UX accessibility is no longer a nice to have. But if you put this solely on your developers, it's not going to work out. Karen Hawkins of eSSENTIAL Accessibility explains how to take digital accessibility further; I reflect on diginomica's UX lessons as well.

Karen Hawkins of eSSENTIAL Accessibility

Enterprise hits and misses - employee experience deteriorates, cloud gets an on-prem wake-up call, and event planners get called out This article is sponsored by:

This week - employee experience takes a big return-to-office hit, but what's next? Cloud adoption may be surging, but on-premises systems still have traction. Atlassian's outage yields lessons, and event planners get a hybrid event challenge. As always, your whiffs.


Workday - exit Power of One, enter Power to Adapt This article is sponsored by:

Workday has shifted/tuned its strategy, technology and marketing recently. Gone is the Power of One and now it showcases a multi-faceted Power to Adapt concept. This will change how Workday deals with acquired products (inorganic growth), how it empowers customers, how its partner firms will add value with customers, and, how Workday is perceived in the market.

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