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How can businesses capitalize on the AI gold rush without compromising sustainability goals? This article is sponsored by: Pure Storage Logo

The total amount of digital data created globally is only set to rise due to the surge in AI-generated data. Patrick Smith of Pure Storage asks how businesses can maximize storing all that data in a financially and environmentally sustainable way. 

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Enterprise hits and misses - the thorny question of the staff intranet, AI for video content raises questions of quality, and three dragons tackle a custom LLM This article is sponsored by:

As Jon takes a well-deserved escape, there are some big footprints to fill. This week - can intranets fill the gap in knowledge management? Will AI displace video editors for B2B editors, or should we treat AI like a toddler? Instead of the usual whiffs, there's something a little different.

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Enterprise hits and misses - HR leaders enforce unpopular return-to-office mandates, generative AI raises sustainabiity questions, and AI boosts earnings morale This article is sponsored by:

This week - the data doesn't look good for HR leaders, stuck with enforcing unpopular return-to-office mandates. Transformation lessons separate the winners, and AI boosts vendors' outlook (if not their earnings). Generative AI gets a sustainability critique, and your whiffs show that work futures aren't.

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