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Don't be an Andrew! Lessons Salesforce UKI CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi has learned as a person of color in tech This article is sponsored by:

In a long career, Zahra Bahrololoumi has run into barriers due to her heritage. Today she's a national CEO at Salesforce and committed to making big changes in terms of equality and diversity.


Workday Rising highlight - jobs are fluid. Why aren't HR vendors? VNDLY makes the case for the extended workforce This article is sponsored by:

A fluid workplace is held back by "temp" and "perm" work silos - and old school HR software hasn't helped. But is that finally shifting? VNDLY's GM explains why change is at hand - and shares the next phase in VNDLY's Workday platform integration.

Shashank Saxena, General Manager of VNDLY, A Workday Company

Keep the corporate foot on the accelerator - Unit4's Business Future Index detects a sense of urgency among organizations This article is sponsored by:

The past three years have presented a near permanent state of crisis during which transformation programs have accelerated. A new study from Unit4 provides a snapshot of where organizational appetite for ongoing change is today.


Ada Lovelace Day - Solo.io founder Idit Levine on progress made, challenges faced and why she's not a fan of gender labelling This article is sponsored by:

On this year's Ada Lovelace Day, a conversation with Idit Levine, founder and CEO of a $1 billion tech start-up, who rejects the widespread label of ‘women in tech’ as “dismissive”.


isolved raises the (right) issues This article is sponsored by:

HR solutions vendor isolved had a recent event that really put the company’s differentiators on display. It was like a scavenger hunt with customers, partners and analysts accumulating all of the cool things that set them apart. In a Fall season full of unoriginal, derivative vendor events, this one stood out to me.


Enterprise hits and misses - "Quiet Quitting" gets a debate, DataOps gets scrutinized, and Microsoft Exchange gets hacked (again) This article is sponsored by:

This week - we debate "quiet quitting" as toxic workplaces get called out. Can DataOps and decision intelligence (finally) take us to better decision making? Exchange gets hacked, and the fall events roll on. Tesla's Optimus gets satirized.

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