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The death of DEI? Why 2024 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for diversity and inclusion in the tech sector This article is sponsored by:

The number of entry-level female professionals joining the data industry nosedived last year. The question is, is it to do with the sector losing its appeal to women or is it part of a wider trend across the tech industry as a whole?

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A peek at Workday's roadmap for Flex Teams to assemble and manage cross-functional project teams This article is sponsored by:

As enterprises turn more towards organizing work in cross-functional project teams rather than traditional functional roles, we look at the roadmap for how Workday helps customers assemble and manage these teams.

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Why pay anything for gen AI job description tools? Just say no! This article is sponsored by:

Traditional software vendors want to hit up existing customers with 10%-30% ‘up-charges’ for AI-enhanced applications. That surcharge may be justifiable in some situations but buyers should examine each enhanced app and ask if the new cost is commensurate with the new value-added capability. Here’s one example to ponder.

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