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Data without context is basically dead – the wheel turns

Business process, social, collaboration…bow doe it all fit? Sandy Kemsley offers a perspective but also a glimpse into the need for aligning incentives to desired outcomes. But it is never simple and this could easily go wrong.

Aproximacion a lo social con Luis Suarez – IBM

¿Es una realidad o un mito que el sistema empresarial del mercado latino lleva cierto retraso con respecto al anglófono? ¿En qué medida afecta esto a las políticas de inmersión en las redes sociales de las empresas?

Digital dummies demand HR/IT dalliance

What’s really going to hold back the transformation into a digital enterprise? How about plain old-fashioned incompetence? Gartner reckons an HR/IT alliance is needed to ignite the search for digital talent.

cat-icon Your performance goals need a goal post

Companies need to distinguish between managing performance and actual performing (getting the work done). In other words, performance management isn’t a ‘popularity contest.’ Here’s what need to happen.

Can’t change, won’t change – lessons from banking

If you listen to or read the rhetoric from the new breed of vendors, you’ll often hear them say something that was encapsulated well in something Stuart Lauchlan reported upon when discussing business intelligence. A quote from Brad Peters, Birst’s CEO serves for this purpose: “At Oracle and SAP the corporate walls are so high. We […]