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Diversity in AI leads to better AI - why Sage is doubling down on Atlanta, and community-based partnerships This article is sponsored by:

When it comes to diversity in AI, it's hard to move past lip service. But at the Sage analyst event in Atlanta, I was in for a surprise. Sage's partnerships with Morehouse College and The BOSS Network took center stage - and changed our AI discussion.

The BOSS Network in action

As Pride Month draws to a close, what can tech sector employers do to support their LGBTQIA+ colleagues every day of the year? This article is sponsored by:

Life isn’t always easy for LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace and simply commemorating Pride Month once a year is unlikely to make much difference. So, what can employers do to support their LGBTQIA+ workers more effectively?


What I’d say to me back then – IFS CIO Belinda Finch on going from making the tea for male COBOL programmers to sharing her menopause moments with the boss This article is sponsored by:

Why Finch sees menopause policies and linking women’s ERGs with other diverse groups as vital.

Belinda Finch
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