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Enterprise hits and misses - real world AI uses cases get a review, retailers get a customer loyalty test, and NFTs sneak into our metaverse This article is sponsored by:

This week - real world AI use cases get a closer look, while retailers grapple with consumer (dis)loyalty. Blockchain for identity verification and gets a surprising nod, and Atlassian reviews its outage (and gets reviewed). AI also whiffs.


Why ESG, and why now? New data reveals how companies can meet ESG demands - and innovate supply chain management This article is sponsored by: Acumatica - The Cloud ERP logo © Acumatica

Environmental, social and governance measures are now a high priority for consumers - but are organizations ready to deliver? Todd Wells of Acumatica shares three ways that IT leaders can achieve their ESG goals.

World green environment © ejaugsburg - Pixabay

Enterprise hits and misses - employee experience deteriorates, cloud gets an on-prem wake-up call, and event planners get called out This article is sponsored by:

This week - employee experience takes a big return-to-office hit, but what's next? Cloud adoption may be surging, but on-premises systems still have traction. Atlassian's outage yields lessons, and event planners get a hybrid event challenge. As always, your whiffs.

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