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Civil liberties and compliance burdens - the underlying price of the shift to remote working that we all have to pay? This article is sponsored by:

Working from home is a good thing, right? For most, maybe so, but there are organizational and compliance implications to be considered. And just how happy are you for your employer to track your movements?

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Tech gives vaccine programs a shot in the arm as Qualtrics study highlights the importance of user experience in mass take-up This article is sponsored by:

Vaccinations are the key to getting to the so-called 'new normal'. Enterprise tech is playing its role in getting the jabs to people's arms, but there's a need to focus on experience-based messaging to counter hesitancy in key communities.


Bitcoin's damage to the planet - the coal-powered Chinese phenomenon that uses more electricity than the whole of Argentina This article is sponsored by:

There's good reason for environmental campaigners and academics to worry about the effects of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain on the planet, not to mention on geopolitics and the distribution of wealth.


Encouraging global digital transformation - how United Nations Development Programme CDO Robert Opp tackles a challenge on a worldwide scale This article is sponsored by:

Robert Opp, United Nations Development Programme’s Chief Digital Officer Robert, shares his two-pronged digital strategy for transforming the agency internally and helping to shape the national digital activities of its member governments.

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Don't mention Trump! Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tries to move the conversation on, but big questions remain on the future of social media moderation This article is sponsored by:

Twitter's most famous ex-user was never far from mind as CEO Jack Dorsey pitched for new consumer behavior that engages with conversations, not celebrity accounts.

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