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Enterprise hits and misses - AI's security risks get a wake-up call, Walmart raises the e-commerce stakes, and Google Gemini steps in it This article is sponsored by:

This week - AI poses security risks beyond the scope of most enterprise IT teams. Google Gemini takes a PR beating, but what can enterprises learn from gen AI guardrails-gone-wrong? Your whiffs include a supersized dose of ChatGPT aimed at McDonald's.


Communications regulator Ofcom faces multiple challenges in making the UK the ‘safest place in the world to be online’ This article is sponsored by:

According to MPs on the influential Public Accounts Committee Ofcom has a delicate balancing act ahead of it as it grapples with the practicalities of the Online Safety Act.

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Enterprise hits and misses - site outages are a culture problem, and the AI jobs debate takes a practical turn This article is sponsored by:

This week - are site outages about leadership and culture, not just tech? And the AI jobs debate is rekindled, but with some practical skills advice. Return-to-office versus remote work won't go away, and AI service chatbots get whiffy.


Enterprise hits and misses - Adobe and Figma fall out, the EU AI Act is official, and the holiday retail economy leaves clues to decipher This article is sponsored by:

We kick off 2024 with our seat belts on, as we look to make sense of Adobe/Figma, the EU AI Act, the Xfinity/Citrix hack, autonomous vehicles, and the problematic/promising future of open source AI. I also pick highlights from our year in 2023 analysis, along with a PR whiff for the ages - and on we go.

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