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Enterprise hits and misses - marketers grapple with generative AI, security is an identity problem, and OpenAI has an up and down week This article is sponsored by:

Marketers are bullish on generative AI, but is content "creation" the best use case? Security is an identity problem, with hackers exploiting trusted credentials. OpenAI notches a win via Apple (and Siri), but a new open letter keeps ethics on the front burner (for now). Your whiffs include a PR pretzel-twisting competition.

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Enterprise hits and misses - publishers pile into OpenAI lawsuit, B2B buyers defy vanity metrics, and return to office mandates are losing This article is sponsored by:

This week - return to office mandates are on shaky statistical ground, with top talent on the move. OpenAI (and Microsoft) get sued by eight publishers for copyright infringement, and B2B buyers can't be engaged with AI and vanity metrics alone. Somehow, Pokemon Wigletts made it into the whiffs.

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Encryption debate rolls on - European police chiefs do not accept ‘binary choice between cyber security and privacy’ This article is sponsored by:

A joint declaration between European police chiefs argues that end-to-end encryption is undermining efforts to protect citizens against illegal and harmful activity online.


Enterprise hits and misses - gen AI stats spark adoption debate, the Xz backdoor raises open source questions, and customers push back on cloud costs This article is sponsored by:

This week - conflicting reports create gen AI adoption questions; we attempt to bridge the gaps. The Xz backdoor brings open source utilization into the spotlight, and customers don't like cloud egress costs. Microsoft Teams makes its triumphant return to the whiffs section.

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