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Come friendly data centers and fall on Slough

Slough is fast becoming the UK's first stop for cloud services firms wanting an in-country data center as follows VMware in opening up its operation there, with plans to move to France and Germany next.

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Taking action against the "abusive" IT provider

Some IT suppliers to government are accused of “appalling” behaviour and conducting an “abusive” relationship with their public sector paymasters. Them’s fighting words from a senior government official.

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Digital Davos as tech CEOs oust the economists

"It’s usually the Nobel Laureates at the World Economic Forum doing the economic review. We took their spot this year."'s  Marc Benioff makes a valid point as he and his peers debate digital directions at Davos.

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The Internet of ka-chings

We often forget how the spread of e-commerce and cloud innovation is held back by the drag of local laws and behaviors

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Listen up Mr President! Top techs talk tough on NSA

It was only a matter of time before the tech industry needed to be seen to take a tougher stand over the NSA PRISM snooping scandal and so it is today that 8 leading firms have drawn a collective line in the sand.