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Unraveling the cloud in Europe

A progress update on Europe's policy moves to encourage uptake of cloud computing with a strategy for standards, a code of conduct and industry partnership

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PRISM exploitation drives EU's data protection overhaul

The European Parliament's civil liberties and home affairs committee will next week vote on more than 4000 amendments to highly controversial data protection proposals which could have a major impact on the global digital economy.

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A red tape-wrapped rant at Europe's flawed cloud thinking

I'm incredibly sceptical about the efforts from the European Commission to create a 'European Cloud', fearing as I do that the ongoing PRISM scandal is being exploited to support a political agenda in Europe. Here's the latest document from the Commission which makes me rather annoyed.

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Europe calls for US regime change in the cloud

The war of words around the PRISM scandal and its impact on the cloud taken on positively Dr Strangelove levels as a new EU report calls for commercial pressure to force a change in US law. That's going to work, isn't it?

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Europe's big chance in the global apps market

Apps in the 28 European Union states generated €10.2 billion last year - a figure that is expected to increase to a whopping €14.9 billion in 2016. Will the EU now create the right conditions to build on this solid foundation?