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What if AI hype is a bust? How knowledge graphs can #accleratetrust within and between organizations This article is sponsored by:

Kaiasm Chief Scientist Liam McGee explains how knowledge graphs can create a Rosetta Stone to keep different groups on the same page to #acceleratetrust. This has important implications for all organizations seeking to build a more solid foundation for generative AI.


How compliance automation can #acceleratetrust This article is sponsored by:

For many companies, IT compliance is perceived as a burden that is part of the cost of doing business in various countries or industries. Drata is finding that innovations in compliance automation reduce this burden and can speed sales, bolster security postures, and facilitate trust across the organization.


Enterprise hits and misses - gen AI stats spark adoption debate, the Xz backdoor raises open source questions, and customers push back on cloud costs This article is sponsored by:

This week - conflicting reports create gen AI adoption questions; we attempt to bridge the gaps. The Xz backdoor brings open source utilization into the spotlight, and customers don't like cloud egress costs. Microsoft Teams makes its triumphant return to the whiffs section.

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