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Can IT finally deliver innovation without busting its own budget? Docker's CEO says yes. This article is sponsored by:

Industry watchers were surprised to see Steve Singh, formerly of Concur and SAP, take the CEO mantle at Docker. But as Singh explained during our sit down at Talend Connect, he couldn't pass up the chance to fundamentally change how apps are built and delivered.


How Shawcor brings data visibility to their energy services customers - live from IFS World '18 This article is sponsored by:

At IFS World Conference 2018, Paul Pierroz of Shawcor gave a compelling keynote on their digital pursuits in petrochemicals and industrial markets. During our 1:1 chat, I learned more about the impact of data visibility on their customers.

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Rip and replace your RDBMS? No - build cloud apps instead. A chat with DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth This article is sponsored by:

"Rip and replace your RDBMS" might make for a sexy headline, but DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth has a different agenda. Here's an update on DataStax's own CX shift - and how their customers build "right now" cloud apps.

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