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Enterprise hits and misses - enterprise AI adoption gets quantified, IBM acquires Apptio, and Twitter flirts with self-defeat again This article is sponsored by:

This week - leading enterprise software vendors reveal fresh AI data - but where do we stand on generative AI adoption? IBM acquires Apptio, Anaplan endures layoffs, digital transformation gets (re)constructed, and Twitter does its best to defeat itself.

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Enterprise hits and misses - Shadow AI is here, but is it a problem? Autonomous transport hits barriers, and digital transformation get a report card This article is sponsored by:

This week - is generative AI creating a Shadow AI crisis for IT leaders? Autonomous vehicles chug along, but not without running smack into barriers. Digital transformation and supply chain leaders get called out. In the whiffs, leadership is coming to an inbox near you.


Spring event highlight - SAP customers react to generative AI at SAP Sapphire, and a data imperative emerges This article is sponsored by:

During the event season, candid customer views on generative AI were in short supply on the keynote stage. But at SAP Sapphire Orlando, things were different - thanks to an ASUG Annual Conference keynote that brought the issues of risk mitigation and data readiness to a head.

Tony Caesar, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Cradlepoint, and departing 13 year ASUG Board Member,at ASUG Annual Conference

Enterprise hits and misses - is it a bad time to buy enterprise software? And is generative AI "instant mediocrity" for the enterprise? This article is sponsored by:

This week - is it really a bad time to buy enterprise software? Let's break it down. And is "instant mediocrity" a fair way of describing the utility of generative AI for the enterprise? Should we take Apple Vision seriously, or do I have more VR vinegar to serve up? As always, your weekly whiffs.

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