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The end of advertising

In a connected world, traditional advertising is taking a back seat to more contextual forms of ‘in-digital’ promotion that harness our smart devices and data footprints.

Quietly reinventing B2B commerce

Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce) is in the midst of a 20-year mission to reinvent commerce by turning B2B spending into an in-app purchase in your daily routine

Retrofitting the Internet for identity

Andre Durand, founder of identity and access management vendor Ping Identity, describes a future when standards will eliminate the need to use passwords in the cloud

SAP Walldorf

Understanding SAP’s new cloud extension rules

SAP’s extended cloud apps swap terms are coming under scrutiny. Some of the terms may not be acceptable but customers should not recoil in horror. It’s all about understanding the landscape.

Is free wifi a right?

A good experience in Austria and the Czech Republic raise questions about ubiquitous availability of wifi. Should we expect free wifi? If wifi is ‘free’ in what ways might this work?

DevOps, cloud, and that pesky IT/business gap

Chris Kernaghan has a passion (some would say an obsession) for re-inventing IT and closing that persistent IT-business gap. Check out his strongly-worded views on DevOps, cloud, and turning IT from cost center/sinkhole to indispensable.

Enterprise mobility – thriving or sputtering?

Since I last wrote about the struggle of enterprise mobile storefronts, I’ve continued to grapple with the confusing state of enterprise mobility. To get some perspective, I went on the hunt for mobility studies that might make sense of the contradictions.

Eliminating the office, virtually

Six years ago, expense management vendor webexpenses decided to practice what it preached and shut down its London office base. Here’s how it coped with the shift to virtual operations.