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APIs alone are not enough for a truly composable architecture - you need the right kind of API This article is sponsored by:

APIs are the crucial connections at the heart of composable architecture, and how you build your APIs is fundamental to its success. With help from participants at AWS Summit and MACH TWO, I tease out the key characteristics.

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Spring event highlight - SAP customers react to generative AI at SAP Sapphire, and a data imperative emerges This article is sponsored by:

During the event season, candid customer views on generative AI were in short supply on the keynote stage. But at SAP Sapphire Orlando, things were different - thanks to an ASUG Annual Conference keynote that brought the issues of risk mitigation and data readiness to a head.

Tony Caesar, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Cradlepoint, and departing 13 year ASUG Board Member,at ASUG Annual Conference
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