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Innovation is thriving in the world of physical operations - you just need to know where to look This article is sponsored by: Samsara partner logo © Samsara

Innovation is about more than technology. From VR simulations in utilities engineering, to teleoperated trucks - Philip van der Wilt shares the underlying themes running through transformations in the services sector.

Businessman using VR © Erikona - Canva

APIs alone are not enough for a truly composable architecture - you need the right kind of API This article is sponsored by:

APIs are the crucial connections at the heart of composable architecture, and how you build your APIs is fundamental to its success. With help from participants at AWS Summit and MACH TWO, I tease out the key characteristics.

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Enterprise hits and misses - HR leaders enforce unpopular return-to-office mandates, generative AI raises sustainabiity questions, and AI boosts earnings morale This article is sponsored by:

This week - the data doesn't look good for HR leaders, stuck with enforcing unpopular return-to-office mandates. Transformation lessons separate the winners, and AI boosts vendors' outlook (if not their earnings). Generative AI gets a sustainability critique, and your whiffs show that work futures aren't.

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