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World Economic Forum Global Technology Governance Summit - YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on content, creativity and coping with regulators who don't know what they want This article is sponsored by:

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki points to improvements in the platform's policing of bad content, but there's a long road still ahead as legislators try to work out what they want.


E-commerce won the COVID war, but what happens next? Kroger looks to the pursuit of digital profit in the Vaccine Economy This article is sponsored by:

Kroger had 'a good war' when it came to the COVID crisis, benefiting from the online shift in grocery shopping. But as the Vaccine Economy takes shape, the challenge now is to turn accelerated revenue growth into long term digital profit.

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The Zen of workplace data privacy - Zoho's Raju Vegesna on productivity monitoring, privacy as a best-of-breed weakness, and Google's "cookieless" campaign This article is sponsored by:

Software vendors claim workplace data privacy is neutral - wrong. Products influence culture. And is Google's "cookieless" announcement PR hype, or a breakthrough? Time to revisit Zoho's stance on data privacy - via a 1:1 with Raju Vegesna.

Privacy threat at work - laptop with eyes in screen © Juergen Faelchle - shutterstock

Virtual event highs and lows - with hybrid events on deck, enterprise events remain a baffling failure of imagination This article is sponsored by:

Virtual events remain a grim tour of duty, not to mention a passive exercise in brandcasting. But we've also seen vendors apply creative event design, and get a payoff - ZohoDay being a winning example. There's still time to get this right, and seed our hybrid event future.


If the future of privacy is cookieless, what happens to the ad tech industry when third-party cookies go away? This article is sponsored by:

Google's pending changes to third-party cookies in Chrome put marketers on notice - but are we truly entering a cookieless ad tech world? Tapad CTO Jeff Olchovy shares his views on marketing technology in a cookieless future.

Privacy threat at work - laptop with eyes in screen © Juergen Faelchle - shutterstock
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